Pitchfork is entering the print medium with The Pitchfork Review

After 17 years as an online-only outlet, local Chicago media powerhouse Pitchfork will be entering the print realm next month with the launch of their inaugural quarterly magazine, The Pitchfork Review. The magazine will consist of long-form Pitchfork features, high quality photos, illustrations, and more meant to be read over the course of a few months (a la “quarterly”) rather than in one sitting. The introductory rate of $44.99 will include a year-long subscription of four issues, as well as subscriber-only digital content, limited edition gifts, and exclusive invitations to various Pitchfork events. Individual issues of The Pitchfork Review will be available at newsstands at $19.96, commemorating the year of Pitchfork’s launch.

It’s an interesting endeavor for Pitchfork, considering how multiple outlets are moving away from the dying print medium. Just last week, The Onion announced the end of its weekly print installments, focusing more on their digital and video content. However, with Pitchfork’s high quality of writing and a plan that would only consist of four issues a year, I could see The Pitchfork Review thriving in its own realm while not directly competing with other print publications such as XXL and The Source.

What do you guys think? Are you into the idea of reading The Pitchfork Review while you sip your coffee?

[via Pitchfork]

Geoff Henao

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