Pivot Gang Brings Much Needed Heat To Chicago

Even though Chicagoans are preparing for another polar vortex and Chiberia is at it’s peak, Pivot Gang is cooking with jet fuel. Yesterday Pivot Gang posted a mix on Instagram that was put together by Jake Merten and mixed by Squeak with an unreleased Pivot track hidden in it.

The new track, “Mathematics” starts at 2:30

In it all of pivot gang hops in with 8 bars each, and they all kick it off by saying “Mathematics”. It’s a pretty minimal beat, but it carries an intimacy because of it, like you’re in the car freestyling with Pivot Gang. I can’t speak to if we should expect this track on the imminent Pivot Tape which is set to release this year.

The whole mix is nice too, so if you have 38 minutes vibe to this.

Stephen Kaplan