Pixar Turns Back Time with The Good Dinosaur Trailer

What would have happened if dinosaurs never went extinct? That’s the question Pixar wants to answer with their upcoming film, The Good Dinosaur. Of course, like all things Pixar, the film has a fun side to go along with more serious themes, which are on display in this first trailer.

Directed by Peter Sohn (who originally co-directed the film with Bob Peterson before the latter was removed from production due to story problems back in August 2013), The Good Dinosaur is about a young apatosaurus that befriends a caveboy after being separated from the rest of his family. Together, they traverse the wilderness and its various threats.

The film is Sohn’s directorial debut, and would have been Peterson’s directorial follow-up to Up; don’t worry, Peterson is still with Pixar and is currently working on another unnamed film. The Good Dinosaur was originally scheduled for a May 2014 release, but was delayed due to the aforementioned story problems, causing Pixar to lay off 60+ employees. The film’s new direction also caused many re-writes and re-casting, with actors like Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Hader, and Judy Greer removed and/or replaced.

The Good Dinosaur will be crashing into theaters on November 25th.

Geoff Henao

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