San Fransisco band Grillade

In a day when the influence a record companies hold is quickly dwindling artists and fans both have found alternate outlets to release music. From The Cool Kids work with Mountain Dew Green Label Sound to Taco Bell’s Feed The Beat Program, the industry has become a melting pot for innovative releases of new music and Potholes In My Blog announcement adds to the pot. A couple year’s back we at Ruby Hornet started our record label Closed Sessions and have successful put out 2 Albums and countless other releases on our own Label. Following suit, Potholes In My Blog has created their own record label and have linked with the San Fransisco based band of six artists Grillade, for both parties debut release. From their work with Big K.R.I.T. on the illustrious KRIT Wuz Here sessions to backing Freddie Gibbs and a stint on Last Call with Carson Daily, Grillade is a band bending soul, R&B, and funk eager to make strides as one of the best new bands on the scene. The 7″ vinyl release Dream Of You/The Meeting is available now at the new Potholes Store. Hit the jump to stream the tracks and read full press release.

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