Powerful Images from Ukraine Protests

Photos by Darko Vojinovic

In the midst of protest and political chaos in Ukraine emerges powerful images for the world to see. From what started in November 2013 after government officials opted to oppose a trade deal with the European Union, deepening their ties with Russia, demonstrators around the country began to protest this political decision. As I write these very words, thousands of protestors are battling riot police and fighting to seize municipal buildings, leaving the country in a pending state of emergency.

As news continues to spread on the ordeal, the images shot by Photojournalist Darko Vojinovic are some of which that stuck out the most to me. Take a look at the these powerful photos shot within the last couple of months as demonstrations continue to increasingly spur. For more of Vojinovic’s work, click here.

[Via Washington Times]

Angela E. Mejia

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