Prince Paul

Shazam… Here’s something from the archives.   Back in 1995 Prince Paul was definitely in a groove, and he’s one of my favorite producers.   Paul’s legacy rests with being ahead of the curve, and he’ll forever earn a spot amongst the best for what he was doing with De La Soul.   I was also a fan of the Paul Barman project, but I digress.   As Gotty pointed out, what Paul makes up for in production and musical skill, he is lacking in grammar.  

“This was a project that I wanted to put together with Amityville MC legend Superstar . as I thought about it more I wanted to recruit more Mcs we knew to make it diverse . Superstar already had the name “Horror City” so wen recorded under that name . This project was recorded right after the first Gravedigga album ” 6ft deep”in 1995 . I shopped the demo but unfortunately it got looked over and never got signed . I sat on this project for a while but it always had a dear place in my heart because I thought it was really good and the talent was there . I stripped some of the music from the demo and put it on ” a prince among thieves” and actually had a few of the guys perform on the ” Thieves ” album as well but to be honest I always liked these originals better . So now I have decided share these songs with all of you because holding on to them made no sense .. why not share great music . Hopefully you the listener will enjoy this project as much as I do . please share it , thats why I made this for free download. For more group info please log on to Facebook for a proper bio of “Horror City.“

Download it here.