ProCam App turns your iPhone into a DSLR for FREE

Ok, the ProCam app may not literally turn your iPhone camera into a DSLR, but in terms of user interface and camera functionality, it offers a long list of features that allows you to have much more control in the photo-taking experience. What’s even greater about this app is that for a limited time only it’s FREE, so you may want to download it right now.

Although it’s no secret that the iPhone 5s already has one of the best smartphone cameras in the industry, we also know that Apple’s camera software is also one of the most basic camera apps out there. Unlike rival companies like Nokia, Samsung and HTC that add innovating new features to their camera software, Apple continues to rely on third-party developers to issue camera enhancements for the iPhone. Then when you see a popular camera app like ProCam in the App Store, and it’s easy to understand why Apple does this.

ProCam for the iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most versatile iOS camera apps out there, and it was created by notable developer Samer Azzam. The app gives your iPhone camera 12 different shooting modes, DSLR-like settings, a bunch of photo enhancement options, and even allows you to switch the type of lens your using (like Vignette, White vignette, Fisheye, Tilt Shift and Kaleidoscope). The only thing it lacks compared to a real DSLR is the image quality, of course.

Check out photos below for a closer look. To see a full list of features from ProCam’s description and to download it in the App Store, click here. Let us know how it works out for you.

[Via Yahoo! News]

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