Protests Intensify in Venezuela

Photos by Rodrigo Abd/AP/Corbis

In recent days, nationwide protests have intensified in Venezuela leaving fatalities and many injured. While demands of demonstrators vary from economic to social, much of this news is kept from international popular media. As much of the world stands curious on what’s going on, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Rodrigo Abd managed to cover gripping scenes as steady controversy ensues.

Here’s quick summary of what’s happening in Venezuela: While rampant crime, shortages in consumer goods, and threatened freedom of speech has increased, the current government opposition is protesting the Tuesday detainment of their leader Leopoldo Lopez, who was targeted for conspiracy in organizing most of these protests. While federal officials point the blame on the United States for supposedly plotting to destabilize the government, many blame Venezuela’s government, led by President Nicolas Maduro, for these social and economic problems.

Although Venezuela has had various protests by those either supporting and opposing government leadership in the past decade, violence has reached it’s peak in the last few days. Check out the following images captured by Rodrigo Abd, who seems to be right in the mix of all the feud, and be sure stay informed as opposition increases. Also, be sure to check out more of his work here.

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