Psalm One Brings The Power On FLIGHT OF THE WIG

Psalm One has been putting in work in the underground scene in Chicago since she dropped her first album as a UIC student in 2003. Over fifteen years later Psalm One sounds like a rap veteran, a master of her craft with insightful jabs and quick sidesteps that keep you guessing where she’s going at all times. For a rapper that’s this raw and this experienced, it’s ridiculous how slept on she is especially considering her mentor role in the scene in Chicago. Her newest album FLIGHT OF THE WIG is modern an angular, potently proud and simultaneously conscience. This is intersectionality in an album. Tracks like “Twerking4Feminists” and “Nasty Jazz Hands” bang but also take on larger concepts of femininity and homosexuality – an endeavor that can easily end up with either empty anthems that lose their meaning in their broad appeal or with niche tracks that get so caught up in the message that they lose their appeal. Just peep this hook from “Nasty Jazz Hands”

“Ooh Ima tell/ 
Y’all mamas y’all so nasty 
Y’all be in the club 
All night collectin zaddies 
Talkin all that jazz 
Educatin all the baddies 
If they can’t be down 
They get mad and call you nasty”

But it’s not all up beat, high energy tracks on this project. This album has a perfect balance of conscious and turn-up often challenging the distinction between the two.She smooths things out on “WWIV” which features fellow Rapchicks member Angel Davanport. One of my favorite lines on the project is on “WWIV” when she says,

“My therapist say I’m a mess but I’m well-adjusted
If you not pussy go head and bust it” 

This album is exactly the energy I need in 2019. Check the full project out complete with lyrics on Bandcamp.

Stephen Kaplan