Red Band Trailer for Deadpool’s Deadly Debut

At one point, it seemed like Deadpool was forever going to be tainted and mishandled thanks to his “appearance” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s so hard to tarnish an insanely popular superhero, yet Fox found a way to do the Merc with a Mouth wrong in that film.

Since then, Ryan Reynolds, who portrayed the character, has wanted to make up for the lackluster characterization by making a stand-alone Deadpool film done correctly. The problem is, the character is so rooted in R-rated shenanigans and metafictional commentary and constant fourth-wall breaking that it was seen difficult to pull off efficiently in a film, especially one that necessitated an R rating for a film franchise that has always targeted the PG to PG-13 demographic (for maximum profit, of course).

All it took was constant support from Reynolds and a leaked CGI proof of concept to finally get the ball rolling. And after its successful showing at San Diego Comic Con 2015, the film’s first official trailers were released last night on Conan. I won’t go too much into the trailer to allow all of you to watch it for yourselves!

The red band (uncensored) trailer is above, while the green band trailer is below. Enjoy!

Geoff Henao

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