The RH Cheat Sheet to “Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days In Chicago”

If you haven’t heard yet, Red Bull Sound Select has put together an incredible month long festival this November celebrating the Chicago music scene and the people who make it great. There is a show out there for everyone. From mainstream darlings like Young Thug and Lil Yachty, to more local homegrown sensations such as Noname or Eryn Allen Kane, we at RH wanted to get in on the fun and compiled all the shows that we wouldn’t miss for the world.  All tickets and more info here

When: Nov 4th
Where: Portage Theater
Who: Fakeshoredrive 10th Anniversary show featuring The Big Tymers, Tee Grizzley and special guests.
Why: It’s incredibly hard to last 10 years doing anything, let alone anything in the music business, and then take that a step further when it comes to music blogs. But Andrew Barber and Fakeshoredrive have done it and continue to push Hip Hop music and culture further. We came in the game together, and it’s only right that the whole city comes out to celebrate. Celebrating FSD’s 10 years in the game is not just a celebration of one website, but of the Chicago Hip Hop community, one that has evolved tremendously in 10 years and done things have not only shifted Chicago, but the music industry as a whole.

When: Nov 9th
Where: Thalia Hall
Who: Kali Uchis, Twelve’Len, Elley Duhe
Why: Colombian-American Singer Kali Uchis has a classic sound, dripped in nostalgia for a lost era. Singing about her personal independence in a slow paced hushed manner she gives off the aura of someone who has it all figured out. This show promises to be a romantic evening, perfect for the lovers in the city.

When: Nov 16th
Where: Concord Music Hall
Who: Mura Masa, Tennyson, Bonzai
Why: Producer Mura Masa has an eclectic background. Before he ever picked up Ableton Live and started making Electronic/Trap music he grew up playing guitar, bass, piano, & drums while performing in Punk, Gospel, & Hardcore groups. His musical roots set the framework for his diverse and energetic music that makes you feel so alive. This show promises to be a banger and you should expect to get sweaty if you’re in attendance.

When: Nov 20th
Where: Reggie’s Rock Club
Who: Daniel Caesar, SIR, Cherrie
Why: Canadian Soul and R&B singer Daniel Caesar has been critically acclaimed since the release of his EP “Praise Break” in 2014. Steadily building a fan base through continual EP releases, Caesar is the king of ballads at the moment. His music makes me feel like I’m becoming a better me, learning from all the mistakes and blessings along the way. If you are looking for a spiritual sentimental moment this show is a pretty safe bet for just that.

When: Nov 21st
Where: Concord Music Hall
Who: Noname, Buddy, The Last Artful, Dodgr
Why: Noname is a hometown hero. A staple in the YOUMedia scene and slam poetry circuit she captured the nations hearts with her verse on Chance The Rappers “Lost” back in 2013. A couple years later she unveiled her debut LP “Telefone”, which was one of the best albums of the last five years. Noname does not make filler music, every sentence she raps is carried with a sense of purpose unmatched by her peers. This show is definitely for the city.

When: Nov 25th
Where: Space
Who: Kweku Collings, Kamau, Trapo
Why: Evanston native Kweku Collins has had a huge year. From unveiling his second full length project “Grey”, to tearing up SXSW, to his tour with Whitney, he is riding his streak with a full head of steam. This show promises to be a look at the near future of Hip-Hop music with Kweku’s Alternative-Rap ethos being joined by Madison’s Trapo. A fiery MC who isn’t even 20 years old yet but has made Pigeons and Planes “20 Under 20” list 3 years running.

When: Nov 26th
Where: Lincoln Hall
Who: Zero Fatigue, Smino, Ravyn Lenae, Monte Booker, Bari, Jay2
Why: The Zero Fatigue squad have all enjoyed their own respective successes this past year. Smino became the latest person who wasn’t from Chicago to be adopted as one of the city’s own. Monte Booker is the sultan of swing and makes beats that sound like no other, his mastery of syncopation unrivaled in the scene today. Ravyn Lenae is a masterful vocalist with an airy delivery all her own. All coming together on one bill fans could witness a Voltron effect on the 26th, this will be a squad affair no doubt.

When: Nov 28th
Where: Chop Shop
Who: Xavier Omar, Jesse Baez, Jake&Papa
Why: Xavier Omar, a smooth singer from San Antonio is one of the more overlooked R&B acts out there. After first hearing his soothing voice on “All I Need” by Noname I was impressed; once I came across his smooth & sexy EP “The Everlasting Wave” I was sold. If you are looking for a romantic evening and some dancing this is the show for you.


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