Resavoir Refines a Demo with Help from Sen Morimoto

Lefto and Gilles Peterson, European super-DJs and international tastemakers, are already up on Chicago’s Resavoir. It’s time for you to be too. Signed to International Anthem, Resavoir is led by Whitney’s Will Miller and features the ever in-demand vocalist, Akenya.

In January they released a teaser single with demo and live versions of the track, “Escalator”. These cuts were simple, but gave an exciting glimpse into the “bedroom jazz” aesthetic that Miller had been cultivating behind the scenes. Since that teaser, they’ve announced their full LP and released three singles. Their third single, released yesterday, is a more finalized version of “Escalator”. It’s arranged differently and features new vocals and sax from Sen Morimoto. As we’ve come to expect, Morimoto’s additions bring this track to another level. The new version also features a burning vocal solo from Akenya on top of a hand drum breakdown. I didn’t think “Escalator” could get any better from the demo, but Miller and Resavoir found a way.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the full album out on June 28th via International Anthem. Their release party at Sleeping Village on July 26th is not to be missed.

Jake Kleinbaum