Check out some pics from The Official Movement Worldwide Visual Arts Management Launch. Also below is a little bit about The Movement, and their new venture.

“The Movement, a company that has been known for its unique musical achievements.  The newly formed Visual Arts Management  division includes: Ray Noland, a Chicago graphic artist, known as the originator of the DIY Obama street art campaign; Hebru Brantley, nationally known gallery artist whose work is  currently being featured in Switzerland at the famed Art Basel; Revise CMW, a muralist from  the elite Chicago’s Most Wanted graffiti crew; Abbey Taylor, the make-up artist for Jennifer  Hudson, whose previous clientele includes Kid Sister and Kanye West; and Shala, renowned art  director and producer, with his character Seven Spoon, the eccentric, fashion fierce teen that  observes the world’s hypocrisy and the ‘grown-ups’ that nurture it.  Allison Glenn joins The  Movement as head of the Visual Arts Division, bringing to the table an extensive background in  fine art photography and art, as well as experience from working in Chicago’s visual art scene. 

The Movement Worldwide, Inc is a multimedia management and production company that  empowers humanity through innovative arts, culture and communication. The Movement is  known for their management of Million $ Mano (MIA’s tour DJ), Hollywood Holt, Shala, Mic  Terror and Low B.”

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