RH First Listen: Charmingly Ghetto – Glory (Prod. By Introspective Minds)

From here fourth, we will be resurrecting a past column titled RH First Listen, taking a slightly new route we will be examining new music from an array of up-and coming musicians in the industry today. Within the feature through a mini-interview process, we will digest the inspiration behind each song, learn its purpose, and how it applies to each artist’s future. Our first selection comes from Boston-bred MC Charmingly Ghetto. Having already released one of the highest quality organic, jazz driven Hip-Hop EP’s this year, Charmingly Ghetto is only looking to continue to build of his June Overstanding release with Atlanta producers Introspective Minds. Today CG brings us “Glory,” showcasing his improved lyrical arsenal, over a classic head nodding, guitar laced beat from Thumbs Up representer’s Introspective Minds. Hit the jump to hear the RH First Listen.


Charmingly GhettoGlory (Prod. By Introspective Minds)

[audio: https://rubyhornet.com/media/rh/music/glory_cg.mp3|width=180]


RH: When Did you write this song and what was the core inspiration behind the lyrics?

CG: April 2011. It came from the building relationship I have with Introspective Minds. It’s more of a comfort with a new sound that I am trying to hone. As I keep saying the rhymes that are coming out now are more ferocious, more at you, more message driven.

RH: What does the line “The war at hand or the one within the mind, been fighting all these demons, ‘Damn’ at the same time” mean to you at this point in time?

CG: That back and fourth between finding my sound, and breaking away from being so much of a listener, and more of an artist. Being a heavier critic of myself lately.

RH: What is the purpose of this song – where does it fit in the future for CG?

CG: Main purpose behind the song is to grasp peoples attention. Remember the freedom of hip-hop and bring back the roots of it. Everything that i’m doing now is going back to that. I think it’s more of a rebirth of a sound.



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