[Interview] RH First Look: Legit

When Legit released his fifth project, Coloring Outside The Lines, the young #2008ighties member from the south suburbs of Chicago had no idea that it would be his most defining project yet. Legit was in a similar mindset when he penned “A N***er in Northface”, the gem off of the tape about interracial relationships. With the help of the talented visual artists at Young Wonder, who translated the rhymes into a gripping video. “A N***er In Northface” went on to garner 100,ooo plus views on youtube and has given the emcee a nice cushion, the video “just extends the amount of time I have to work on my next project” he told me.

At the same time that “A N***er In Northface” was making a splash on the world wide web, the rest of the crew was also hitting their stride. Calez, Fonz-E Mak and Julian Malone (formerly of #2008ighties) all released high quality, hand-crafted projects that cemented the whole crew’s expanding success in Chicago’s burgeoning Hip Hop scene. We talked to Legit about his status as the ‘Frank Ocean’ of the group, the benefits of hard work, and where he’s headed now.


Not yet 20 years old, already in grind mode. I hail from Northside Chicago and a music lover to the bone.

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