Priceless The Kid

I first met Priceless the Kid in August of 2009 at his release party for his No Barcode EP. Performing for a sold-out crowd at Atlanta’s King Plow Arts Center with support from a full live band, Priceless tore the house down with a stellar set complete with guest appearances from Yelawolf and The Mad Violinist. Since then he’s been grinding away on his latest project, Diamond Life, and indulging in the occasional marijuana cigarette. We caught up with the Atlanta-based artist, who was gearing up for the March 29th release of his sophomore project supported by California streetwear and skate brand Diamond Supply Co.

RubyHornet:  What’s good Price? Your new mixtape, Diamond Life, comes out in March, what do you have to say about the project? What production and features can we expect?

Priceless:  It’s been a pretty dope experience putting this project together. I treated it like an album from the start, with the original production aspect, to the caliber producers and people involved, even with (sound) quality of the tape. I’m stoked with the end result and I’m more than ready to let the world hear this. There’s a lot of live instruments and sounds on the project, I’m also doing some things vocally a lot of people haven’t heard me do before.  Production wise A-1 has a few tracks (and a vocal apperance) Space Kids donated some heat, The Weathermen, but most of the production on the tape is by the Symphony Crack team though.

RubyHornet:  What’s the deal with Symphony Crack exactly, they’ve been all over lately.

Priceless:  Ya they’re beasting s**t right now. My homie Ashanti “The Mad Violinist” along with Matt Barrett (guitars), Chris Morgan (Keys) were recording at the same spot I’ve used for years in ATL, and we managed to link up and knock out a large part of this project. It’s pretty insane they were coming out of sessions with some of the big names on the billboard charts (TIP, Rick Ross, Jamie Fox, Weezy) and coming into my sessions to contribute to the tape.

RubyHornet:  After the tape drops will you be touring?

Priceless:  I’ll be on the road at the end of March for a few stops in the Southeast with Symphony Crack playing as the band. I think we’re announcing some other dates out West towards the summer. Hopefully an Amsterdam or British Columbia gig is somewhere in the near future though

RubyHornet:  Any plans for an album to follow the mixtape?

Priceless:  “The Road Less Traveled” is my next project and it’s already in the works. I’m an electronic/ dub fan so I decided I wanted to do an original electronic project and put it out for free. I’ve been working on some things for a few months now and I’ve got some contributions coming from Two Fresh, Big Gigantic, Alex B, just to name a few. We’re planning to put this out online this summer.

Priceless The Kid

RubyHornet:  What’s next for Priceless the Kid?

Priceless:  Ha dank smoking, that’s a guarantee. Evolution, as well. I think it’s important for an artist to evolve over time, you’re never gonna get 2 projects from me that sound similar. Life is constantly moving, constantly changing so I move with it. I can tell you one thing I won’t be doing, and that’s standing still.

RubyHornet:  Briefly talk to us about the state of Atlanta hip-hop and where do you see it going in the immediate future?

Priceless:  The underground scene in ATL is pretty ill, but it’s been ill! I’m glad the world is starting to notice and see this side of the artistry. Dudes like Pill, Bobby (B.O.B.), Yelawolf, they’re representing us well right now just to name a few. Who knows what’ll happen in the future, I’m just glad I can contribute to the movement

RubyHornet:  Give us your thoughts, as an independent artist, about the whole indie/major debate.

Priceless:  Fans first. That’s how I view things. If people enjoy what you do and support you as an artist, that should be your primary focus- not pleasing some corporation. I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with people all over the world thru my music, keeping and building that connection is above a record deal on my priority list

RubyHornet:  Anything else you want to say? 

Priceless:  Hmm shouts to Cannon, Diamond Supply Co, Nick Tershay, DJ FU, King Plow and everybody that’s been involved in this project! Thanks for the interview Jeff, thanks to Ruby Hornet as well! Go download Diamond Life! And smoke dank!

Diamond Life, hosted by Don Cannon, drops March 29 on and Stay tuned for a special preview of Diamond Supply Co’s future releases coming soon.
Prceless The Kid