Photo by Claire Woolcott

Photo by Claire Woolcott

If you’ve listened to their music at all, anytime someone mentions Glitter Moneyyy, you immediately hear the anthemic, siren-like “Glitter Moneyyy, Glitter Moneyyy, Glitter Moneyyy” from their track “Nastyyy” playing in the back of your head. TaySlay and Queen Trashley are the hypewomen of Chicago rap, the unapologetic feminists of the scene, and the possibly the only duo who could come up with an empowering song simply called, “Hoe.” 

Their 2019 release Binge features this and many explicitly inclusive Hip-Hop tracks that are meant to gas you up, regardless of who you are or where exactly you are going. The Chicago Tribune termed them a “sonic glitter bomb,” and they’re self-defined as “politically pissed,”  which is definitely a feeling we can relate to in 2020.

rubyhornet recently caught up with the duo about their current status dealing with COVID-19 and how women like themselves have opened their own windows for opportunity in the genre. 

rubyhornet: How has COVID-19 impacted your lives as artists? Are you feeling support from the Chicago community? 

TaySlay- “FUCK THE CORONA” has been our motto. We’ve unfortunately had all of our live performances postponed or canceled, which all artists are going through at the moment.  The Chicago community is always incredibly supportive especially now that we’re all in the same boat at the moment. We were lucky to be a part of SalonathOnline, a virtual Salonathon which is a home for underground emerging art performance that was born at Beauty Bar in Chicago and used to run every Monday night.  Virtually performing for the Chicago community with SalonathOnline was such a treat and a moment of joy in these dark times. 

Queen Trashley- Whew, staying inside all day every day is a trip! We both have to navigate a lot of anxiety to get anything done. We had a lot of shows booked for spring/summer, including some awesome college gigs, that have all been cancelled. It sucks but we are all for STAY THE FUCK HOME. It’s hard being an artist, constantly worried about your family and friends in the face of a deadly pandemic and a corrupt as fuck government that doesn’t care if you live or die, but with a want and a need to create. There’s a lot of dancing, crying, nail biting and laughing. 













rubyhornet: Are you working on any new material or projects? 

TaySlay- We’re in the process of writing some new singles and learning to record at home and get shit done virtually!  We can’t wait to release some new shit.

Queen Trashley- We’ve been writing, writing, writing and listening to billions of beats.  I find so much inspiration in being out and about. I’m always jotting down ideas and lines at museums, my favorite dive bars (Shout out Cork Lounge on Addison!) or at my friends’ shows. Now I’ve been reading a lot and trying to inhale all the art I can from the comfort of my computer. Highly suggest the aquarium live streams. V dope. 

rubyhornet: Since Twurk for the Nation and even Binge, there seems to be more room for women in rap/Hip-Hop. Have you noticed any changes in the Chicago community or music industry since you both began performing?

TaySlay- The huge rise in women in hip-hop with so many emerging talents is super exciting.  Mainstream artists like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion have continued to make room for other women in hip hop and have broken the barrier of “there can only be one prominent woman rapper at a time.” We are always going to embrace women-identifying artists in our community because women are magical and it’s our time to shine. 

Queen Trashley- Definitely. When we were first starting out, we’d often be the only women on the bill OR only on all women bills. Now things are getting more diverse thanks to many many many badasses making their voices heard and putting themselves out there despite the patriarchal hip hop hierarchy bullshit. It’s beautiful. As for the wonderful Chicago community, there’s so much room for everyone. We gotta keep making room! 

rubyhornet: Your 2018 track “vote.” is an important hype-up message for the primaries and presidential 2020 election, especially for young people. What motivated you personally to release this track? 

TaySlay-We wanted to make voting sexy! Sexy people vote. It’s important that everyone gets to use their power because WE HAVE THE POWER.  We gotta do everything we can to get this motherfucker out of office. Besides just the presidential election we want people to vote as often as possible in their local elections as well. Voting in local elections can ignite change. Just in 2018, Chicago voted out Judge Coghlan for his treatment of minorities and that’s the first time a judge has been voted out in THREE DECADES.  That is incredible and historic and THAT is what voting can do!

Queen Trashley- Yeah we had to say something to help remind people to get their asses out there. 

rubyhornet: International women’s day recently passed and now we’re leaving March, which was Women’s History Month. Because your lyrics are so centered in feminism and empowerment of those who identify as women, do you think these are effective celebrations for feminism? 

TaySlay- Anytime women can be celebrated we should celebrate them.  Oftentimes it feels like Women’s History Month is centered around cis white women. We want to see more celebrations of black and brown women and anyone that identifies as a woman! Feminism needs to be for everyone.  

Queen Trashley- Fuck yeah! I make music for bad bitches everywhere. Except TERFy bitches. 


Glitter Moneyyy takes many of the overlooked problems of our community–intersectional feminism, voter turnout, slut shaming– and breaks it down into a breathable, listenable, break-your-speakers type of art. Look out for new material soon and keep streaming Binge, available now on all streaming platforms.