[RH Interview] Legitmix wants to revolutionize the way you consume remixes


(Photo via Malcolm Hearn)

Remixes and mash-ups of songs have existed in one form or another for a multitude of years as rappers and musicians have released a capella versions of their songs to encourage such projects. You can’t go into a club or dance party without hearing a DJ spinning one of their own original remixes. However, the nature of remixes doesn’t easily allow audiences to acquire such remixes unless the DJ releases their own version. Of course, such releases run the risk of being shut down due to copyright laws protecting the properties of the original artists featured in the mixes. So what’s the solution?

Omid McDonald and Booker Sim feel like they found one with Legitmix. The service allows DJs to upload their remixes, and by utilizing an algorithm the developers put together, remixes are broken down to separate original music from sampled artists’ songs. With such illustrious artists like Diplo and The Hood Internet backing up the service, and a platform for aspiring DJs and producers to showcase their remixes, Legitmix represents a revolutionary way for both fans and artists to share and discover new music.

Read on for my full interview with both Omid and Booker. At the end of the interview is an exclusive look at “The Vapors Pack,” which is a remix created by Pickster, Riot Earp, and Melo that fully showcases how the Legitmix service organizes each remix in the pack.

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