For the final day of September we bring you a masterfully curated Local Threads. This week sees some top notch gear arrive in the Windy City thanks to Saint Alfred, Jugrnaut, Sir & Madame, RSVP Gallery, and AKIN. The fall is a time between the sweltering heat of summer and dreadful cold of winter, allowing a multitude of clothing combinations that are hard pressed to find at any other time of the year. Hit the jump to see some of the items I’ve chose to help you make the most of this wonderful time of the year.


Sir & Madame

This week Sir & Madame has received their collaboration with Arrow Moccasin. The premier manufacturer specializes in handcrafted shoes and have created a beautiful pair of Moccasins for one of Chicago’s most stylish shops. Built from heavyweight Swiss leather, they mesh the black with a crepe sole, ensuring that Chicagoans can maintain footing on the icy walks. The limited numbers of these are available in-store as well as online for anyone who can’t stop by the shop.


Arrow Moc x Sir & Madame

Saint Alfred

Saint Alfred has continually diversified their stock of brands since their start in 2005. Beginning as a strictly streetwear institution, they have evolved into a shop that meshes a love of sneakers, graphic t-shirts, menswear and all things good looking. This week they’ve got new items from menswear brand Garbstore, including Heavyweight hooded sweaters and my favorite button down I have seen this season. The simple design is set apart by the use of a southwestern pattern on the chest extending to the back. On top of that are new shipments of Undefeated, GPPR, Reigning Champ, and the Medicom x Bape t-shirt run. A boatload of new Nike releases also rolled through the store with the Toki and Air Force One High models looking especially appealing.



Medicom x Bape


One of the few stores to do anything with jewelry, this week showcased Jugrnaut’s pioneering spirit we a new line of accessories . The store now has gold plated pins, sterling silver ‘JUG’ Univercity cuff links, a gold plated ‘JUG’ Univercity necklace, and a sterling silver ‘Coin Crest’ necklace. Each piece sees one of Jugrnaut’s signature logos covered in precious metals, increasing the swag exponentially. Dope Couture, Primative, and the Gold x Starter Jacket also arrived at the store. None is available yet via their webstore so you’ll have to go in-store for purchasing.

Sterling Silver 'Coin Crest' Necklace

RSVP Gallery

This week RSVP Gallery stocked up on new Comme des Garcon. The splinter line, CdG Black, are some of the nicest plaid shirts to be released recently. They come in three different colorways, one yellow and one red plaid, and one black and white checkered pattern; but all three are overdyed in black. This means that as the shirts age and you wear them their coloring will change as the overdye starts to reflect the wear. The Black line is meant to be a more economic line with wardrobe staples as opposed to fad pieces, thus extending their shelf life. The Comme des Garcon Jack Purcell is also stocked now in both white and black for men.

CdG Black

CdG Jack Purcell


With the Chicago Marathon a little over a week away, AKIN has partnered with Nike to launch the Lunarglide 3. The Lunarglide model has been increasingly popular in the world of running. Chicago was one of the five cities to get its own version of the sneaker. Below is a statement about the inspiration behind Tara D’s design.

Tara D. spends her days diligently dreaming and her nights cleverly crafting. The hard-working City of Chicago provides her artwork with a beautiful balancing act of bold humor and simple positivity. Her city pack design borrows its inspiration from old signage buried throughout the city and the peacefulness of Chicago’s greatest escape, the Lakeshore