Photography by: Virgil Solis

I have to admit that I was pretty excited to hit up the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival because I had never seen any of the artists on the bill. Whenever 2 Chainz, T.I., and Lil Wayne are on the same lineup, you know you’re going to have a good time and few ratchet moments. The first person up to kick off the night was producer/rapper Hitboy who hit the stage with a lot of energy. His set was very short and probably maxed out at 10 minutes long, but he did what he had to do and that was to hype of the crowd. He dug into his catalog of songs he produced and had the crowd jumping and reciting the lyrics when performed both “Clique” and “Ni**as in Paris;” after he was done 2 Chainz was up.

As you’ve come to expect from 2 Chainz, he came out on stage with leather shorts, and of course, his gold chains. From the start, he had the crowd going and the majority of the crowd knew every lyric. From “Started From The Trap” to “U.O.E.N.O.” and even “Beez in the Trap,” the crowd knew everything. There were so many hits that he played that I can list, but it would be too many to mention. Of course, my favorite song was “Spend It,” and I kept hoping that T.I. would jump on stage and spit his verse, but no such luck. He would go on to mention that his new album would be dropping September 1oth and closed out his set with “No Lie,” paving the way for T.I.

I admit that I was really looking forward to see the king of the south because I have been a fan of his for a long time… well at least before all the legal problems. From the start, he came out on stage with a lot of energy accompanied by two hype men and a full live band in the back, which I didn’t expect. He had a pretty cool backdrop as well, and the stage resembled a house from the movie ATL, giving us a performance that seemed like he was just rhyming in front of his crib. He kicked it off with “Down Low” and just going hit after hit after hit. I was pumped, and the crowd was too; everyone was having a great time, even the 40 year olds next to me were diggin’ the performance. Even with the controversy surrounding the song “Blurred Lines,” he performed the song, but unfortunatetly none of the models from the video showed up on stage. T.I. didn’t forget that he was in Texas and brought out Houston native and Screwed Up Click member Trae Tha Truth out to perform with him. The venue turned up at that very moment. T.I. played a couple more songs and eventually closed out his set with “What You Know,” and if that would’ve been the end of the show, I think everyone would have been satisfied, but we still the headliner Lil Wayne up next.

Now I’ve been listening to Lil Wayne for as long as I can remember and never seen him live, and I was interested in seeing him on stage for the first time since his big health scare. When the curtains opened, all you could hear was the sound of guitars going off, and it felt like you were at a rock concert rather the a rap concert. In true Weezy fashion, he came out on stage accompanied by skaters who would spend the entire time doing tricks on the ramps that were on stage. Now Weezy had a very long set, and it was hard to believe how many hits that he has in his catalog. I was pumped and the was crowd definitely into his performance. With the way he was commanding the stage, it looked like the health issues didn’t slow him down one bit. He had fireworks going off all through the performance, and he had back up dancers doing what they do best. He had the crowd in the palm of his hands, and everyone was completely out of control when he brought out 2 Chainz for “Bandz A Make Her Dance” and other songs the two are featured on. The only time the night slowed down was when Wayne went and did a quick costume change. When he finally came back, he had a skateboard and started going towards the ramp, and I admit I was wondering if he was going to fall, but he didn’t. Then he went on to continue the show and had some ladies come up on stage who may or may not have been strippers, but we’ll never know. The night continued with hit after hit, and he brought out T.I. to do some songs with him, and you know Birdman had to make an appearance with “Stay Fly,” which was pretty awesome. It was good to see Lil Wayne perform and see him not miss a step. Everyone there had a great time, and Lil Wayne clearly had no worries that night.