[RH Photos] Baths at Mohawk in Austin (4/17/14)

On a drizzling Thursday night, electronic artist Baths hit Mohawk in Austin. The semi-full venue was feeling the opening act, but most were waiting for Baths to hit the stage. When Baths took the stage for his set, fans were excited and ready for him. Diehard fans sang with and vibed out with Baths throughout his set. It was on the fence fans, however, that were not sure what to make of his set. He seemed to really try and get the crowd going, but most just hung back and watched. I’m not sure if it was the drizzly weather or the material, but it seemed like only a a few people were really feeling him. Baths is one of those artists that you can argue might be better on headphones or vibing out on your own in your bedroom instead of at a live performance.

My first experience with Baths was last year at Pitchfork Music Festival. I wasn’t familiar with his music, but I really respected his fan base. This time around, I came in with a positive mind set and ready to see how he had developed over the last year. Unfortunately, like most people at Mohawk thought, the performance lacked something I really couldn’t put my finger on, other than the fact that some material doesn’t translate the same live as it does on headphones. Not to turn anyone away from Baths, but check out some photos from the performance below.

Virgil Solis

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