[RH Photos] North Coast Festival 2013 Day 3

Photos By: Bobby Reys

Making it through the entirety of any festival is a workout at the least and a survival game for some, but by the end of my three-day adventure across Union Park I was in need of a pick me up. After taking in the tail end of an inspired performance and North Coast debut for local artist Psalm One, I found just that around two o’clock as the funky vibes of fellow Chicagoans whysowhite took the Coast stage for what may have been the best performance of the day had they not been competing with Wu Tang , Cherub and Gary Clark Jr.

Leading twins Charles and Davis Haines kept the crowd moving in the neon pants while Nick McMillan MC’d and danced his way into oblivion, sending the steadily-building crowd dancing well after the set ended in the early September heat. Next, it was off to Danny Brown, who performed on a similarly-placed stage to where Lil B performed a month earlier at Pitchfork Festival. It was a similar experience with the sea of fans bopping up and down to the squeaky vibe of Brown’s vocals. It was Danny Brown as you would expect him although without his pants down onstage.

From there, a bit too worn on the EDM tip I took in Rebelution, who’s jammy, soulful rock tunes were the perfect break from the scattering computers sounds of the DJs that dominated Day 2. Gary Clark Jr, festival king himself, picked up where Rebelution left off, keeping the easy, cool sounds coming, eventually handing the baton to Cherub whose falsetto 80’s-inspired electro-pop kept listeners moving and criss-crossing their library.

All in all, though, the festival ended as it began. As headliners Wu Tang Clan and Lotus took the stage, drops of rain could be felt and a general groan could be felt across the park. Wu Tang ran through the classics with Cappadonna, U-God and RZA setting the pace for the rest of the present members while Lotus’ Miller brothers gave the Last Stand Stage crowd all they could in a limited set. They played the hits, and got off the stage-twenty minutes early. I’m suggesting bubbles over music festivals in Chicago moving forward.


Jake Krzeczowski

Jake Krzeczowski is a writer based in Chicago. Since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2012 he has written for the likes of The Chicago Sun Times, Complex Magazine, and Elevator Magazine.

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