RH Premier: White Ppl New Single “open door policy”

A few months ago Ano Ba posted on the DIY Chicago facebook page saying that he wanted to make a group called White Ppl made up of exclusively POC artists. It may have been a joke at first but within a month White Ppl was formed. Made up of Ano Ba, Elly Tier and Cado San the group takes an outsider approach to their music, bending genres and skirting around preconceived notions of what a song should be. Their music is compelling and contemporary with influences from all over the place they land somewhere between indy-rock and a softer and darker electro-pop with catchy hooks and introspective lyrics. There’s an obvious hip hop pulse to their music but they always end up going the opposite direction of your first expectations.

They are playing Hoist Fest on Sunday, which I wrote about the other day performing alongside some of my favorite local acts like Jordanna and Rich Jones. Ahead of the festival they’re dropping a new single today right here on rubyhornet. “open door policy” is just their third release but it cements their role in the cutting edge of the r&b/rock/rap scene in Chicago. It’s a simmering track that plays down how raw it is emotionally with more subdued vocals, it feels like the beginning of a bad relationship, the very best part where it’s still exciting and fun, but with the underlying knowledge that there’s something much darker going on. Check out “open door policy” below and catch them at Hoist Fest on sunday.

Stephen Kaplan