[RH Premiere] Auggie the 9th: “#GAWS”

Auggie the 9th has been working on #GAWS for quite some time. Before last year’s People’s Court Complete was a glimmer in young Augustus’ eye, the seeds were already planted for the LOD rapper to flip swag around. After an extended wait in which Auggie took his time to ensure the project was exactly the way he wanted, the day has come to enter the world of #GAWS. Take everything you might know about Auggie the 9th and throw it out the window – #GAWS is but a flash into his crowded mind full of anime, twerking asses, and homies on homies.

Every second, every rhyme, every beat was pored and obsessed over by a high top fade-sized fine toothed comb. Will you get lost amidst the NarutoTekkenDougAbe’s Oddysee, and countless other references? Probably, but that’s not to say you won’t be entertained and dive right into #GAWS. For the rest of you that will catch on to all of these references, a hidden truth behind #GAWS is revealed: Underneath the hair, behind the jean jackets and the tattoos, is a geek exactly like you. In saying that, #GAWS is Auggie the 9th’s most personal release to date.

As I previously said, #GAWS is unlike any hip hop album you’ve heard this year. The beats aren’t of typical hip hop fare, mixing in experimental loops, keys, and drums. The album’s influences are more in line with alternative hip hop and post-hardcore than traditional hip hop. Animuse’s Savier’s production serves as #GAWS‘ backbone with assistance from Na$im Williams, E.N.O.N., Clark Parker, Zip, and LOD cohort Nick Astro. The songs have an aggressive edge to them, whether due to a song’s beats or Auggie’s post-hardcore-esque yelps and snarls that’s carried across the album’s entirety. Auggie’s not an aggressive rapper, per se, but the choice to scream certain lines just fits the proper tonal attitude he wants to convey. This may turn some people off, especially considering his previous twerk-heavy releases. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t a few booty bumpers on #GAWS, the best of which is hidden on the album’s outro. Joining Auggie on the mic are LOD brothers Elee Eck$, Blakkass Westley, ShowYouSuck, and Cadillac Duke, Loona Dae, Franky4Fingaz, and our own angelic-voiced Brynn Bixby.

#GAWS as a whole isn’t just a musical reflection of Auggie the 9th’s current interests, but also a deeper introduction to his other artistic talents, demonstrated by the #GAWS cover collaborations with MattBoyWhite (JAWS-inspired cover), Stefan Klapko (Madvillainy-inspired cover), and The Kao (Akira-inspired cover). Auggie wants listeners to feel a closer connection to the things that interest him, and the “Choose Your Cover” element is a part of this.

I hope you enjoy #GAWS as much as we have. It’s been in the works for a long, long time, and the wait has been completely worth it. Enough of the words and exposition – Ruby Hornet would like to formally present to you Auggie The 9th’s #GAWS:

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