[RH Premiere] Mass Hysteria: “Hands Up High” feat Rhymefest


“I’ll shoot at you, then go to Coachella, and shoot at your hologram.”

Mass Hysteria is one the best Hip Hop groups from Chicago from a musical standpoint.  Since the early 2000’s, I feel like many Hip Hop heads have waited eagerly for that proper Mass Hysteria LP.  Will we ever see it still remans a bit up in the air, but today I got a cut that is supposedly the LP’s first single, with the full project dropping in the spring.  “Hands Up High” is a true Chi-city banger, with an assist from Rhymefest.   Listen to the record and download it below.  Also, peep Mass Hysteria on Friday opening up Prodigy and Alchemist with Rude One at The Shrine.

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