[RH Premiere] Netherfriends: “Shrooms Freestyle” (feat. Chandler London)

Netherfriends’ evolving Kind of Buzzed concept has been pretty popular, attracting a good mix of musicians and acclaim, demonstrated by Netherfriends’ in-store performance at Jugrnaut earlier this month for the Kind of Buzzed vol. 5 recording. Back in July, Netherfriends recorded Kind of Buzzed vol. 3 in the Kimball House backyard alongside Chandler London, Grade Aplus, and Cody DeCamry.

Today, we’re premiering the first release from that recording, “Shrooms Freestyle” with young Chandler. With the established concept of Netherfriends’ improvised instrumentation paired with rappers’ freestyles, an extra element was introduced: psilocybin mushrooms. While Chandler was under the influence (kind of buzzed, so to speak) at the beginning of the song, you can hear the effect the shrooms had on his freestyle. Say what you will about illicit drug use; it’s still impressive for the musicians function enough to rap at the level they were able to for Kind of Buzzed vol. 3.

Netherfriends will be performing at the Subterranean tonight alongside indie bands When Clouds Attack and The Octopus Project. Tickets for the show can be bought here. The Summer of Netherfriends is preparing to close out with a bang, so continue paying attention.




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