Sunny Norway is that producer. You know the guy who has produced for everyone but isn’t screaming “We Da Best”, and is simply in the studio bettering the craft – Yeah him. Having produced for Sir Michael Rocks, ASAAD, Mac Miller, Phil Ade, The GTW, Tabi Bonney & many more, Sunny Norway has really only began to reach his stride, which has no endpoint in sight, simply stops at the Grammy’s along the way. In a recent interview with RubyHornet, the humble producer spoke about the bare essentials of producing as he sees it, as well as a bevy of exciting upcoming moves the eclectic beatsmith has in place. Today he debut’s a new remix he’s done (sampling Empire of the Sun) titled “Sun.Day.Empire”.  Hit the jump for a snippet from our upcoming Producer Spotlight feature with Sunny Norway.

“I have a lot of A&R’s that hit me up, and a lot of people tell me I have a very good ear for music and stuff like that. I’m just building trying to get A-list rappers you know haha, I’m not going to be satisfied until I’m in that grammy family haha.

See I don’t think anyone would really know when I make a beat because I try my best to not make the same beat over and over. The only way someone would probably know is if I tagged the track. But me myself, I would not make beats if I was making the same sound over and over.”

Lookout for the Full-Interview on next week.

RH Premiere: Sunny Norway – “Sun.Day.Empire”