[RH Premiere] YaSi: “Dreams”

Coming off of tour with Raja Kumari and several shows with Ric Wilson, YaSi is making a mark in 2019 with her second single of the year. Inspired by Stevie Nick’s honest lyricism, YaSi covers the Fleetwood Mac hit “Dreams” with an authentic hip hop twist. YaSi’s personal spin on the classic modernizes the track and relays the lyrics to a new generation. With hip hop as her first love and Fleetwood Mac as a close second, adapting “Dreams” to fit her musical style was natural. Covers can be hard for artists to achieve, but YaSi sets the perfect example on how to cover a famous song and do it well. Respectfully keeping the roots of “Dreams,” she has managed to demonstrate her wide vocal range and her influences musically. Infusing Fleetwood Mac and hip hop is not something most people would consider, but that just highlights YaSi’s unique eye for production and her affinity for treading on untouched territory. She does both halves great justice. Her boldness and confidence as an artist is definitely something people will begin to inherently recognize. This cover also serves as a nice addition to her upcoming EP, Unavailable.

“The theme of my EP is being unavailable, whether that’s to another person or yourself and ‘Dreams’ fit so perfectly with that idea.” -YaSi

Listen to the song on repeat here.

Colleen Kennedy