[RH Preview]: Kyle Dion at Schubas 8/5

Hailing from L.A., Kyle Dion is about to perform in Chicago for his first time. On August 5 Dion takes the stage at the intimate venue, Schuba’s. As a fully-formed R&B artist, Dion has found a distinct sound that is completely his own. On his debut album, SUGA, his sultry voice delivers lyrics to soothe your ears, while keeping the funk alive through sonic sounds and quick tempos. As a concept album, Dion adopts “Suga” as an alter ego going through different obstacles we can all relate to. In order to find his lane-carving style, he acknowledges the importance of just letting it happen. “Time is a big factor and when it comes, it comes. Everyone has different timing, but you’ll figure it out if you just let it happen naturally.”

Under his brand, he defines everything he does as an experience. He likes to keep the element of surprise in what we can expect from his shows, but he wants to make sure you leave feeling something. He encourages everyone to feel how they want, but he guarantees it will be a vibe for sure. Two shows into tour and he is grateful for the response he has received so far from his fans. “People are showing up and singing the lyrics and dancing with me. It’s a crazy, beautiful thing that people care about me and I care about them.”

Dion rolling into Chicago is an opportunity you will want to take advantage of as he continues to grow. Come to Schuba’s on August 5 to be serenaded by the independent artist with special guest Iris Temple.

You can purchase tickets here.

Listen to SUGA on repeat before the show here. 

Colleen Kennedy