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With The Return of The Real popping off in the CHI and homecoming week going on down here at Indiana University, we’ve been busier than ever. With that said, we all agree it’s time for a little R & R before the new week starts. So sit back, take a deep breath, and ease your mind with this week’s Re-Up.

As I mentioned above, it’s homecoming week here at school and the festivities have been non-stop. From concerts to parades, parties, and of course football, people have been getting hype all week. Being that I’ve never been to a football game and don’t intend on going to one anytime soon, I decided to check out the music scene hoping that someone good would be on the line up. To my surprise, both Fabulous and Nelly were booked for shows, along with Flo Rida and a couple smaller acts. I immediately began figuring out what shows I could go to and if any interviews were possible. But as homecoming week grew closer and closer, things started to weirdly fall apart. First, Flo Rida was cancelled before homecoming week even rolled around with zero explanation. Second, Fabulous, who was supposed to perform Wednesday night at the Sammie’s house, cancelled last minute due to the death of a close family friend. Scrambling to find a replacement, Twista was called and confirmed to fill in but that fell through too. Although neither headliners showed up, the show wasn’t a total loss. Originally booked to open for Fab, Wiz Khalifa was still confirmed to perform and promised he’d show up. Drama aside, the night kicked off with a bunch of local talent like Lil’ Ant and Young Prince, Anthony West, BFA, and P-IC, and true to his word, Wiz showed up just as the last opener finished and saved the show from being a complete failure. People still were pissed of course and asked for their money back, but all and all even without Fab or Twista, being able to check out new music was definitely a worthwhile experience…But enough about B-town…back to the bright lights of the big city.

A few weeks ago in the CHI, one of my all time favorite rappers, Common, performed at The Shrine. Check out the video footage here. Also this week, Converse revealed its Fall/Winter collection for 2009. Including garment dyed Chuck Taylor Hi’s in Moon Rock, the Herringbone Chuck Hi’s and Low’s, and the suede Jack Purcell, this new line is not only stylish but also affordable. Head over to The Darkside Initiative and pick up a pair now.

On the flipside, we still rock those fresh new interviews…

Miike Snow

*Miike Snow: No Second Thoughts

I don’t know how I came to hear about Miike Snow, but somehow I did.  I started to see the name pop up on Pitchfork, and Gorilla Vs. Bear, and other more indie rock leaning spots.  I saw Miike Snow in Rolling Stone, and finally on the bill for the 2009 edition of Lollapalooza.  After seeing the name so much, I decided to check out this guy named Miike, and figure why he spelled his name with multiple ‘i’s. Check out the whole article here.  


*RH PREviews: A Day Late & A Dollar Short (Sene x Blu)

“14 songs…2 years of ideas.  Bang. Or as y’all say, bonk,” says Sene about his debut album ADayLate&ADollarShort, a project where Hip Hop meets Doo Wop and one of the best upstarts from the east meets a worthy f**king adversary from the west (to borrow a line from The Big Lebowski).  Read the full article here.


D. Black

*RH First Look: D. Black
D. Black came up in a musical family.  Both his mother and father were member of the Emerald Street Boys and Girls, Seattle’s first Hip Hop crew.  The music took permanent residence in D. Black’s heart, and at the young age of 14, he went under the guidance of Seattle’s Vitamin D. and later Jake One. Check out the whole article here.



*RH TV: FKi Freestyle In The Park
Last week we debuted the RH directed “Turn It Up”, which is the first video from Atlanta’s heavily talented Hip Hop group, FKi.  The duo rolling with Mickey Factz’ GFCNY crew also showed and proved in a Freestyle In The Park.  Check it out here.  

New artists, latest tracks, and more…
*Birdman: “More Milli” featuring Drake 
*Mando Diao: “Dance With Me” (Hood Internet Remix feat. Gza) 
*Mika Means: “Everybody Knows” featuring Lil’ Wayne

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Sarah Achler