Valentines's Day

Alright fellas…you know what it is.. it’s the time of year when women want you to get all gushy, romantic, and pour your hearts out: Valentine’s Day. For those of you who don’t have a girl, this day simply reminds you of exactly how single you are and for those of you with a girl, good luck meeting her expectations of the perfect Valentine’s Day. No matter what your situation, here are some fool-proof tips to impress your date, and possibly get you laid.. 

1.) Be Thoughtful – Sure, the heart shaped box of chocolates and a dozen roses are nice, but really…is that all you could come up with? If you’re going to go the flower route, spruce it up a bit with some originality, add some lilies or orchids to your bouquet of roses. If you really want to impress her, find out what her favorite flower is and add it to the mix. FYI – chocolates never fail, but make sure you get the good stuff!

2.) Have a Solid Game Plan – Nothing is worse than having that annoying conversation with your man about how to spend your day: “I don’t care baby, what do you want to do?” “I don’t care, whatever you want to do.” Shoot me. Women want a man who can take charge and make decisions. Have an awesome date already planned out. If you plan on going to dinner MAKE RESERVATIONS.

3.) Turn Your Cell Phone OFF – If you wanna score some serious points with your date, give her your undivided attention. Nothing kills the mood faster than your annoying Gucci Mane ring tone blowin’ up in the middle of a romantic evening. So go ahead and hold down the power button, if you find this too much to bare, at least put it on silent.

Follow these no brainer tips and your date is sure to be a success. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and remember boys: her gift isn’t the only thing you should be wrapping up!