[RH Video Premiere] Netherfriends 8/20 Bust

Photo by Geoff Henao

Earlier this month, Netherfriends set out to make Kind of Buzzed, vol. 6 as special as it could be, and what’s more special than recording in front of a live audience on top of a rooftop in Chicago at sunset? Unfortunately, like all fun things in Chicago, the cops came and busted the party. Netherfriends, however, was able to record a few beats where he chopped up Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” before we were forced to leave. My good friend FragD Films was also able to shoot some footage of the shortened set, resulting in the “Netherfriends 8/20 Bust” video that you can watch below.

Recording for Kind of Buzzed, vol. 6 Round 2 has been rescheduled to take place at Cafe Mustache on September 6th. Details for the night can be found on Facebook. The recording will follow a listening party of Kind of Buzzed, vol. 3, as well.


Geoff Henao

Geoff Henao is a writer/kinda photographer affiliated with the Chicago collective LOD. His interests include film, punk rock, cute girls, graphic novels, video games, and the Chicago Bulls. He's funny sometimes.

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