Richard Donner Claims Steven Spielberg Came Up With The Goonies 2 Idea

At the beginning of the month, word came out that director Richard Donner wanted to create a sequel to beloved ’80s film staple, The Goonies. Instantly, I groaned at the thought of another cheap Hollywood cash grab at an established cult classic. It’s been almost 30 years since we first witnessed the Truffle Shuffle. Do we really need a sequel to The Goonies, let alone more Corey Feldman? Nevertheless, for a film that’s been in development hell since 1985, the prospects of production actually proceeding forward should make some fans happy.

Recently, TMZ (of all people) caught up with Richard Donner to probe him more on The Goonies 2. At first playing coy, he let slip that Steven Spielberg actually came up with the idea for the Goonies sequel. Donner delivered a huge vote of confidence in Spielberg’s idea and involvement in the film, stating:

Hopefully we’re going to get this done, period. Spielberg came up with the idea of doing a sequel after 30 years,” Donner reveals “You don’t do it without him, and he came up with another storyline and he’s right on.

The last time The Goonies 2 was broached, the plot involved the Goonies’ kids forming their own group and going on adventures. Who knows, maybe a modern day Truffle Shuffle could be just as iconic as it was 30 years ago? You can watch the full TMZ video below.

[via TMZ]

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