Rockstar is interested in making a Bully sequel

When Bully came out in 2006, it was both the anti-Grand Theft Auto and a psuedo-Grand Theft Auto Lite. It took the GTA formula, but framed the game within a private school setting with a decreased focus on rampant violence and carnage. However, what Bully may have lacked in the violence department, it more than made up in the game’s humor, tight storytelling, and amazing gameplay. Unfortunately, seven years have come and gone with little to no word on the franchise’s future (outside of the game’s re-release on the Xbox 360 and Wii, as well as a digital re-release on the PlayStation 3).

With the national focus on the success story that is Grand Theft Auto V, the questions have come up again about a Bully sequel. In a talk with Polygon, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser wants to make a sequel to Bully by stating, “Well, hopefully, you never know. There’s a lot of directions I could go with that one […]” The video game industry and the mainstream society’s tolerance/acceptance of video games is in a better position than it was almost a decade ago, which could hopefully help the odds of a Bully 2 become that much more realistic. Keep your fingers crossed and make a wish, ladies and gentlemen.

[via Polygon]

Geoff Henao

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