Mother Nature Release “Rotationz,” Announce New EP

The coronavirus works hard, but Mother Nature works harder. “Rotationz” is the new track out from TRUTH and Klevah, released April 29th. As a precursor to their upcoming EP, entitled Portalz, the groovy production and shimmering vocals leaves us wanting even more from the pair of Chicago artists.

In an interview with HipHopDX, TRUTH revealed that they’ve held onto the track for around a year, using this period of social distancing to release the upbeat and money-minded verses. The flow on “I watch em sit on my thrown / We did it all on our own/ Imma need more dollars thrown, resonates to the success story of Mother Nature. All of their dedication and work thus far has culminated in their lyrics and approach to new music in tandem with Closed Sessions. 

The green-screen visuals and music video, courtesy of FlyShotz of TheGr8Thinkaz, additionally tie the whole song together, and it shows the world just how hard Mother Nature is working, despite the odds against them. In their instagram EP announcement from this week, TRUTH and Klevah commented that COVID-19 has been nerve-wracking as creators. Nonetheless, putting music out in the world is “really the most authentic and spiritually elevating thing we can provide.” 

Make sure you stream the new single from Mother Nature, and consider adding it to your wishlist for Bandcamp Friday tomorrow, in which all revenue fees will be waived.