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I spend so much time interviewing, filming, and writing about other artists, that I’ve severely neglected documenting what’s going on in my own life.  I really don’t stop to think that much, or reflect on what I’m doing, and I feel a severe sensory overload.  Not to mention, when a friend asks me ‘what’s going on’ everything is so jumbled that I usually just answer, “not much,” and don’t even know where to start…Well, Forest Gump once just felt like running, and right now, I just feel like blogging…Not about a new Lil’ Wayne song, a Barack Obama speech, Chicago Hip Hop, none of that s**t…this is my blog, all about me and what I feel like writing about inside the Treasurechest…

First, I want to send a big thank you out to T-Mobile, who, in perfect fashion, kicked me off their network four times in the last month.  For those not familiar, when you get kicked off T-Mobile’s network, you don’t receive text messages or phone calls.  How do you know if you’ve been kicked off the network you ask?  That’s the tricky part, you don’t, until you get the realization of, ‘damn, it’s 7PM and come to think of it, I’ve gotten no texts message today.’  That’s a common way of finding out.  Another common recognition may be preceded by, ‘damn, she didn’t even text me back…f**k that b***ch…’  Both of the above has been employed, by me, during the month of January.  And since T-Mobile doesn’t address their error with free minutes, a reduced bill, or even a sincere apology, my question to them is, ‘Damn, T-Mobile!?!? How much pussy are going to cost me?’ It’s like God is cockblocking me or some s**t through mobile technology.  About two weeks ago, I woke up and missed the usual minute’s worth of vibrating from my phone receiving all the message sent over night and in the early morning.  No such buzzing occurred, and while I thought it was odd, didn’t make much of it at the time.  The day continued and I got no texts.  At about 1PM I called T-Mobile and they alerted me that I, again, fell off the network.  They reset my phone and the rush of texts came in…Not only did I get some interview opportunities, and other s**t, I again missed texts from a, to quote Ice Cube, ‘girl I’m tryin’ to dig out.’  And not just that one, but one I have already dug, even my casual text message flirter, and as we all know, those can go down at any time….So I’m left with electronic blue balls, while T-Mobile suggested  I turn my phone off more often.  F**k that!  Next time this happens I’m switching to that dude that walks around with a full network.  At least that one comes with a wingman, and I’m sure that there are more than a few chicks in that large-ass crowd that would want to link up with a Jewish DJ from the Southside….Speaking of the Southside, I took some time off work to watch the inauguration on Tuesday.  I don’t even really know what to say about that…I’m still digesting all this, but my question is, how will Obama’s image and acceptance by the media, youth, hip hop and street wear community change, if at all, now that he is actually president?  Time will tell.

On Friday, DJ Babu, my favorite DJ and a big influence on me, hit Lava Lounge to perform with Rude 1 as part of The Goodness.  It was an RH sponsored event, and, while it was about 90% dudes, it was well worth it as Babu did his thing and I felt re-energized and hungry to practice new routines.  I knew it was going to be that kind of party, but that’s kind of the price you pay to see Babu…no chicks!  On Saturday we celebrated Omar’s birthday at Caoba in Wicker Park.  They shut down the restaurant for a private party, which I DJ’ed and our friends and family attended, I even got to give a little speech….This was my third gig of the week, which also included tearing down the Tonic Room, getting my scratch on @ Mikkey Halsted’s Internet on Lock….Next week Saturday I’ll be at Lava Lounge with my RH and Brainiac Crews.  If you were at the last one at Lava, and /or the Tonic Room edition then you know what to expect.


I saw “Pineapple Express” again today.  It’s the second time I’ve seen it, and besides the overall message and some character details, I was so high the first time that I did not remember much of it.  We followed “Pineapple Express” up with “Grandma’s Boys”, which I never saw prior to today’s viewing.  I must say, watching both back to back left me with the following observation…smoking weed, playing video games, and such is cool at 22…waaay different than 35….

This week I got some hooks to lay down for Boogz and Mikkey.  I’m in the studio with Mikkey right now as I write,  working on some joints that K. Salaam and Beatnik sent our way.  After this I’m heading down the the hall to the SoundScape bunker to link up with Traxster, GLC and A1 from the original Go-Getters.  I don’t like missing Flight of The Conchords, but this makes up for it…I’ll probably check out the CoolEr with Shala later tonight then try to get a good night’s sleep.  This week’s going to be busy.  Along with the site, we’re chasing a large SXSW check, beginning work on the third installment of The Brainiac Society mixtape series: Attack of The Brainiacs, doing some Reebok ish, and setting up some future endeavors. 

Whew…it definitely feels good to share…Until next time…Stay up…You can also check me out on Facebook, and Twitter…drop me a line, send me some new music, bash T-Mobile.  Til then, it is what it is…


Sean CK

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