RTC: Treasurechest’s Blog #3


I was going to start this blog on a bad note about how sick I got this week, and how I had to miss our night at Angels and Kings, which many of you went to and sent me texts asking if I could get you in and/or why I wasn’t there…Well, try to tell a fever, chills, and cough that you got to go to Angels and Kings…Anyway, I’m still feeling pretty sick, but just got a press release that Blink 182 is back!  So everything is awesome again.  I mean, Blink 182…All three of them…Making sappy love songs that don’t really rhyme and seem to be about the same breakup just alternating between 6 or so guitar chords and the lead vocals…Can the world get much better?  I can’t front though, Blink 182 got a lot of play at MPA back in the day, and I had an album or two, which brings me to my next point…Anyone want to buy some used CDs? 

If you don’t want to buy any CDs, that’s cool.  We over at RH do have a new release you get right here on the site for free 99.  I actually mixed it with my bare hands, and if this is not your first time on RubyHornet then you already know what I’m talking about.  And if this is your first time, then I really happy you’re reading this, now you can download RTC X SC: Guns N’ Doe (Hosted By Just Blaze).  I’m finishing up the final mix for Naledge’s Chicago Picasso, I was supposed to be done tonight, but this illness has put a wrench in my plans.  I’ve definitely not been kind to my immune system lately and I kind of got hit at a bad time.  Along with the iTunes approved mixtape (also hosted by Timbuck2), I got a few gigs coming up this week that I’m inviting you all to. 

Old Now

 The first is on “Old School Vs. Now School” happening on Wednesday.  This is the event that is actually pushing my hand towards a doctor’s visit tomorrow morning because to quote Rude 1’s text message, “We need a healthy RTC for Wednesday.  The youth of today is counting on you!”  And RTC is definitely for the kids, and I got the Teaching Certificate and lessons plans to prove it.  24 hours later I’ll be at AK with Hollywood Holt, flyer for that should be coming soon…And on Saturday, I’m getting down at the Tonic Room with Izzo, VIPJ, and we may just have a few more surprises up our sleeves.  That’s going to be a Brainiac joint as well, and if you were at the last party at Tonic Room or any of our Lava Lounge joints then you already know…Benny Rocs will be there too, and everybody loves Benny Rocs

-Wow, M.I.A. really just did that…man, I must question how necessary her appearance was for this “Swagger Like Us” joint.  I know it’s her sample and everything, but she’s big right now back to the blog-

Being sick did allow me some time to rest up in Hyde Park, and take in a Saturday afternoon showing of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II on the Family Channel…They really upped it with the new April O’Neil on that one…I saw IU get slapped by MSU…It’s a basketball season lost.  We’ll be back next year!

And I’ll be back on my grind after a nice shot of Anti-biotics.  Now it’s time for Flight of The Conchords.  Until next time, hit me up on facebook, Twitter, or right here on RH.  If you’d like a mixtape, or party hosted by us, just let us know….



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