RubyHornet x dubFrequency: Crème de la Crème SXSW Bun B Interview

Bun B

We showed you the pics earlier, and now we’re ready to start rolling out the interview/concert footage from the dubFrequency Crème de la Crème SXSW extravaganza.  We linked up with dF and MySpace Hip Hop to bring you exclusive interviews and footage with participating artists including Bun B, Kidz In The  Hall, Pac Div, U-N-I, and more.  We kick everything off with RTC’s interview with Bun B, who talks about RubyHornet appropriate attire, the role of SXSW, and performing with KITH.  Check it out below. And look for more videos here and on MySpace Hip Hop.

Bun B: Dub Frequency x RubyHornet SXSW Myspace Hip Hop Exclusive

Sean CK

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