Saba returns with “Busy” Video

“Tell me, how are you said? You got all of these friends, you got all of these fans.” 

Man, it feels good to write about Saba again. One of my favorite artists, and former students, Saba is back in 2018 with a new haircut, new music, and a new nationwide tour. While that’s all cause of celebration, his first musical offering carries a melancholy vibe and speaks to being lonely in a room full of people. “Busy” is the name of the song and video that Saba teased on social media for about a week. He doesn’t disappoint in its delivery, however, the young veteran seems to be a bit disappointed in the emptiness that can be a music career, as well as relationships and loved ones gone.

To fully understand “Busy” requires multiple listens. Get started right now with the video below.