Samsung Unveils the New Galaxy K Zoom for Selfie Lovers

Samsung has recently unveiled the newest addition to its Galaxy lineup with the Galaxy K Zoom, drawing a thin line between smartphone and camera. The new smartphone comes equipped with a new 10x optical zoom which is also able to take 20.7 megapixel photos and capture 1080p video at 60 frames per second. It has a very sleek design to match its new camera specs, which very much resemble a regular point and shoot camera we see on the market today.

One interesting feature that the new Galaxy K Zoom has is what’s called the Selfie Alarm where you select the area you want your face to appear in the frame. Once you turn the camera around, you’ll hear a beep when you’re in position, and within a few seconds, your selfie will be snapped. There’s still no word as to how much or when the Galaxy K Zoom will be released, so we’ll be waiting awhile.

[Via Samsung Mobile Press]


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