Sarah Rosado’s Cereal Portraits of Musicians

Creativity knows no bounds for artists, and one artist has captured this idea by expressing herself through something as “simple” as using a breakfast staple. Inspiration strikes at the weirdest times, and for Sarah Rosado, this was no exception. “The inspiration for the series came one morning when one day while eating cereal and listening to oldies and R&B music,” she says, adding that creating portraits of celebrities’ faces with corn flakes came from the random thought that music has never tasted so good. The choice of corn flakes was a deliberate one, both because they’re Rosado’s favorite type, but also because the portraits are, as she says, “Easier to manage when creating images requiring finer lines.”

Check out some of Rosado’s cereal portraits she’s created below, including such artists as Bob Marley, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Pharrell, and more! Be sure to check out Rosado’s website and Instagram for more from the artist herself.

Geoff Henao

Geoff Henao is a writer/kinda photographer affiliated with the Chicago collective LOD. His interests include film, punk rock, cute girls, graphic novels, video games, and the Chicago Bulls. He's funny sometimes.

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