Lose Your Soul

“Greed gets you,” says Mikkey Halsted.  “You might start out from a real place of real hunger, or real starvation or real poverty.  You’re really just trying to feed yourself.  But then feeding yourself and getting a roof over your head is not enough.” 

We all know the story of once heralded sports stars banished for cheating.  Successful businessmen caught with hands in the cookie jar who go from rich to poor to behind bars in the blink of an eye.  Countless times we are introduced to characters such as Scarface that just don’t know when to quit and consequently become victims of their own greed. Such is the tale on “Lose Your Soul”, a song created by Scheme, an emerging emcee out of The Molemen camp, one of Chicago’s most respected crews. 

“Lose Your Soul” was produced by Panik of the Molemen, and Scheme enlisted the services of Mikkey Halsted as well as Indianapolis based DJ Metrognome to complete the song.  Mikkey and Scheme came together at SoundScape Studios with RubyHornet to record the track, which will be featured on Scheme’s upcoming mixtape, Same Rebel New Cause.  Below you will find a behind the scenes video of how the song came together, as well as each artists’ take on the music and each other.  You will also find the song, which is available for free download. 

[Download] Scheme: “Lose Your Soul” featuring Mikkey Halsted (prod. by Panik) 

[audio: http://rubyhornet.com/media/rh/music/lose_your_soul.mp3|width=180]

Scheme: “Lose Your Soul” featuring Mikkey Halsted BTS from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.