ShowYouSuck scored one of the best album titles, and arguably images, with his One Man Pizza Party series and the mullet wearing, Don Mattingly look alike that graces its front cover.  Later this year Show will release the third installment of One Man Pizza Party: Rest In Pizza.  It will feature production from Mike Jaxx, and will be a darker and heavier sound.  It will also be the final edition of One Man Pizza Party, a title that ShowYouSuck created almost on accident, and has him confused for a connoisseur of the deep dish.

“It came out of nowhere,” ShowYouSuck told me on a warm day at Code of Conduct.   “I meant to put out an album called Coyote Del Coco, and just not budgeting time the right way and with so much going on, the record didn’t come out the way that I envisioned it. So I decided to put a different name on it. The day before I thought, ‘what kind of name can I throw on this to sound fun and get people’s attention with?’ I was like, ‘damn, everyone loves pizza!”

Show decided to go with the pizza theme, and since he was the only artist on the album, he deemed it to be a One Man Pizza Party.  The name was a hit with his friends, and the trilogy was born.  “My experience is that there’s so much free music coming out every 5 minutes, every time you hit refresh on a blog. Half the time I don’t even listen to this shit, I’m just making myself familiar with names and faces. I know who tons of rappers of are, but never listened to their music,” he says about the new releases in 2012, and the battle for people’s attention.  “I just hope to have ridiculous enough names to where people have to hear it.”

Before OMPP3 hits the e-streets, ShowYouSuck will drop an EP with Stefan Ponce, which he says will be lighter with a slight departure from his work with Mike Jaxx.  Given the strength of Show’s previous releases, as well as his live stage set, I don’t think he’ll have to rely on crazy titles much longer.

Check back soon for our full feature on ShowYouSuck.