ShowYouSuck: “Flip Phone” (prod. by Thelonious Martin)

Remember when flip phones weren’t just burners or trap phones, but the peak of cellular technology? Times have definitely changed, but producer extraordinaire Thelonious Martin keeps it retro with ShowYouSuck’s latest, “Flip Phone.” Previewed live at a few shows, the One Man Pizza Party 4: Slice After Death track tells the story of a special lady that became not-so-special after she moved to New York.

Also announced with the “Flip Phone” drop is the news that ShowYouSuck’s next album will be through our friends at Closed Sessions. Congratulations to both ShowYouSuck and Closed Sessions for the news! Don’t forget that One Man Pizza Party 4: Slice After Death will be coming out on July 23rd (next week!) through Mishka. Don’t forget to vote ShowYouSuck to play this summer’s North Coast Music Festival.

(P.S. We don’t think you’re weaker than Dylan, Show… even if he is the greatest rapper of all time.)

[via Closed Sessions]

Geoff Henao

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