Singer Lloyd achieves major educational milestone

Graduation season is once again upon us and as students across the nation walk across their school’s stage and receive their diplomas, they’re sharing the good news with their friends and family online. But this graduation season, those students, both old and young, are not alone because R&B singer Lloyd recently revealed to the world that he just earned his GED.

Lloyd shared the big news this weekend, posting a series of photos on his Instagram page. In the photos he donned a red cap and gown and posed with family and friends. According to reports, the 30-year-old singer received his GED during Therrell High School’s graduation ceremony last week in Georgia.

Photo Credit: Lloyd's Instagram (@curlyheadedblackboy)

Photo credit: Instagram – @curlyheadedblackboy

“Congrats to my fellow #graduates!!! Was nice meeting you and your families and may you all enjoy this moment in time! Photo: Class of 2016 Hair & makeup by: #Determination Cap & Gown by: #Dedication Smile by: @curlyheadedblackboy,” Lloyd wrote in the caption.

Lloyd - GED Insta Photo 2

Photo Credit: Lloyd’s Instagram (@curlyheadedblackboy)

“Where would I be without the ones who’ve supported me? #graduates #diploma #familyfirst,” Lloyd captioned the photo.

Lloyd first spoke about his journey to obtain his GED last October when he made a post on Instagram revealing that he dropped out of school and signed his first recording contract at 17. Lloyd shared that he’d always wanted to go back to school and was happy to be closing an old chapter in his life.

“Sometimes, moving forward involves taking a step backwards. … When I moved to New York to sign my first record deal, I promised my 17-year-old self that I would return to school to finish my education. I am neither ashamed nor embarrassed to say that I’ve taken my first step towards that goal. Thanks to the support of friends and family, I’m ready to go back & finish what I’d started. Firsthand, moneymaking experience is great and, in most cases, is what we go through years of school for anyway, but I just HAD to go back for my GED so I could at least show myself & others that there is no shame nor regret to be had or felt when you are making a conscience effort to become a better you. A sneaky little paparazzi caught me studying in my room. Thought I’d share … Y’all have a great week !” Lloyd wrote in the post.

By December, Lloyd shared that he’d finally earned his GED.

Photo Credit: Lloyd's Instagram (@curlyheadedblackboy)

Photo credit: Instagram – @curlyheadedblackboy

Now, we see that he was not only able to graduate, but obtained his diploma as well. We’re happy that Lloyd decided to go back to school and we hope he inspires others towards the truth that it’s really never too late to get an education.

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