Smino On Sway in the Morning

While on break from tour with Sza, St. Louis native, Smino, is hopping on stage with T-Pain (of whom recently put his signature auto-tune lyrics over the hit, “Anita”). On track with his rising popularity, Smino recently managed to catch the attention of Sway in the Morning. On Sway, Smino speaks to his origins and hustle that finally got his talent and style the credit it deserves. Classick Studios engineer, Elton Chueng, speaks on Smino’s “personality that was cutting through the music” in the way he flips words that made his music superstar quality. Smino also goes in depth of how he’s learned to guide his style from his first headlining show where he broke his foot after the second show and had to focus on his vocal deliverance, to performing in front of impressive Sza crowds and needing to hype himself up, to now on T-Pain’s acoustic tour where he balances between hype and minimalism. Smino frequently echoes his drive for creating his distinct and thoughtful sound throughout the interview.

With the rest of Sza’s US Tour and an upcoming sold out headlining show alongside Ravyn Lenae, Monte Booker, Bari and Jay2 at Lincoln Hall for Red Bull’s inaugural 30 Days in Chicago, Smino is surely closing out 2017 only to set the bar higher in 2018.

Annie Kane