[Sonic Playback] C. Rich’s Mike Brown Inspired Playlist

This past Valentine’s Day, we experimented with a feature where we had the amazing Peter CottonTale put together a soulful, Valentine’s Day-themed playlist that not only captured the very essence of the Hallmark holiday, but also Peter’s personal interests and musical influences. What I would like to do is curate playlists with songs that follow a certain theme, whether they’re as simple as “favorite songs from high school” or “most influential songs to my career” with a summary or exposition on the songs they chose. I feel that creating intimate playlists like these would be more interactive between artists and audience and would better illuminate the curator’s interests. Anyways, to kick off the inaugural Sonic Playback is my good friend and rising Chicago R&B star C. Rich.

Written and curated by C. Rich.
A young man was shot and killed this past weekend in Ferguson, MO. I’ve spent the past couple of days really reflecting, and in this time of mourning, these are the songs I seem to come back to.

“Rest in Power” by Michael Anthony, Via Rosa, and The Mind
Mike has always had a really dope and interesting way of meshing soul/R&B and hip-hop into his records. His really unique timbre and insight on the African-American condition in this record has made it one of my favorites over the past few days. The features are super strong too, Via Rosa’s voice is as soothing as a Corrine Bailey Rae. I’m not surprised at the 16K plays at all, it’s a really dope song.

“Do Dat Dope” by Que BILLAH
Que has been one of my favorites in Chicago Music since ’07, always been an amazing performer, and ALWAYS has a really amazing message behind it all. Commentary on the condition of our most coveted and feared neighborhoods in the Chi, supported by the instrumental from Future’s “Move That Dope.”

“Evicted” by Thomas Mac
Thomas broke on the scene a couple months ago doing a bunch of features for Vic Spencer and is trying to set himself up to take over R&B in the city. This joint touches close to the heart, mainly because the Condo association in our building was attempting to “kick us out #TheCondo” We ended up solving the situation amicably, and set up shop in Complex 2010. Relevant because the increased foot traffic by young black men was a complaint listed.

“One More Song” by JDP (feat. Thomas Mac)
It’s like an anthem for better days. For us artists, it’s a constant battle between speaking out, and not… seeming like you’re simply trying to capitalize on the tragedies of present day. And that inspiration to press on lies in the next song you create. the song makes my soul smile with positive vibes when I hear it.

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