Sony releases the ultimate PlayStation 4 FAQ

With the PlayStation 4 a little more than two weeks away from release, Sony has released a huge FAQ detailing everything new PS4 owners can expect when they get their hands on the console on November 15th. The page includes information for everything from prices and peripheral compatibility to hardware differences compared to the PS3. Also of note are some of the “minor” changes that might not be so minor after all.

Those not acute to video game news might be surprised of some of the changes for the PlayStation 4. For instance, PlayStation 3 games will not be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4; unfortunately, this also includes downloadable games bought in the PlayStation Store. Online play will also only be available to PS+ subscribers, although considering how many free games and discounts PS+ offers, most gamers should already be subscribed to the program.

You can read the full list of PS4 changes on the PlayStation Blog. Are any of these a deal breaker for those thinking about picking a PS4 up at launch? Personally, I’m bummed out about not being able to play the games I bought from the PlayStation Store, but it’s nowhere close to a deal breaker for me. I am a bit letdown that I can’t change my PlayStation Network ID, though…

[via PlayStation Blog]

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