Stadium Status: “Special” (feat. ShowYouSuck and Chris LeSage) (prod. by ElSchmitty)

The team at GoWhere Hip Hop just premiered a hot summer track by Stadium Status, “Special,” with features by our homies ShowYouSuck and Chris LeSage with production by ElSchmitty. “Special” keeps it real with the ladies as they let these anonymous girls know that, sometimes, they’re not as special as they may think they are. It’s cool, we’re not trying to dance with you, anyways; it doesn’t matter that we don’t know how to dance. Sidenote: Major props to Ant for that cover art!

If you’re feeling Chris LeSage’s super smooth R&B voice, make sure you catch him tomorrow at Underground Lounge! He’ll be sharing the stage with Freya’s Revenge, Okapi, and some of my personal best friends, Run and Punch, followed by a special Burlesque fundraiser! You can find information on the show here.

[via GoWhereHipHop]

Geoff Henao

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