Styles P

Styles P is readying a book… That’s right, a book! And he’s also got a soundtrack coming along with it.  We got the mixtape’s lead single, which shares the book’s title of “Invincible”.  Download it below.

Styles P: “Invincible”


Styles P brings his signature wordplay from the stage to the page in his debut novel INVINCIBLE (Random House Publishing; June 2010).

In this gritty tale of tough characters fighting for survival, written on his Sidekick (yes, his Sidekick), Styles P brings to storytelling in INVINCIBLE the same flair and proficiency he delivers on wax—which has earned him both critical acclaim and the respect of many fans including high-profile celebrities and music-industry dynamos like P. Diddy, Mariah Carey, Akon, and Mary J. Blige. 

In Invincible, Styles combines the adrenaline rush of an episode of 24 with the gritty drama of Oz, and stamps it with his signature lyrical wizardry to tell a story of a street legend who finds a new enemy at every turn.

Jake Billings is usually cool under pressure, but when his record store is robbed, Jake opens fire on the stick-up kids and lands in prison.  Five days in, he receives an anonymous letter telling him his days are numbered.  But before he can find out who’s behind the threats, Jake is stabbed and ends up in a coma.  When he wakes in a hospital bed two years later, things have changed: His prison sentence has been commuted, his girlfriend is fiercely independent, and his side piece has gotten out of the street life altogether. But one thing remains: Jake’s enemy still wants him dead and is powerful enough to track him down no matter where he hides.  On the run, and with rumors circulating about a powerful, phantomlike gang called the 300 Crew, Jake will need to rely on his mantra—TRUST NO ONE—to defend himself no matter what the cost.

The soundtrack to “Invinsible” will be available exclusively at on June 1st.